Kids Fitness Programs

Gold Coast Kids Fitness Programs

We provide a fun, healthy and affordable solution to keeping your kids fit, and teaching them about the importance of physical activity.

Kindergarten & Preschools

We provide active physical activity sessions to Kindergarten and Preschools for children aged 3- 5 years of age. These sessions not only keep kids active whilst having fun but educate children the importance of keeping active and choosing healthier food options.

After School and Vacation

Mini Masters in Motion also provide active sessions for after school & vacation programs to keep the children fit and active. Whether you are a school, organisation or a facility we can develop a program to meet your needs, while simultaneously entertaining your children while they wait.

Birthdays and Parties

Mini Masters in Motion will also rock up to your child’s birthday party and run a whole lot of fun activities and games to keep the kids active. If you are running an event, contact us to discuss your needs to keep the kids entertained.

Developing Physical Skills

Mini Masters in Motion provides age appropriate physical development activities and games for children to help develop and maintain physical skills, whilst developing children's confidence and social skills in a fun and supportive environment!

Health and Fitness Fanatics

Mini Masters in Motion is dedicated to children's health & fitness. There are so many benefits for keeping kids active and we believe children should be given every opportunity to develop healthy and active lifestyles from the early years.